Welcome to the developer documentation for gRPC. Here you can learn about key gRPC concepts, find quick starts, reference material, and tutorials for all our supported languages, and more. If you’re new to gRPC we recommend that you read What is gRPC? to find out more about our system and how it works. Or if you want to see gRPC in action first, visit the Quick Start for your favourite language.

gRPC by Use Cases

gRPC is used in last mile of computing in mobile and web client since it can generate libraries for iOS and Android and uses standards based HTTP/2 as transport allowing it to easily traverse proxies and firewalls. There is also work underway to develop a JS library for use in browsers. Beyond that, it is ideal as a microservices interconnect, not just because the core protocol is very efficient but also because the framework has pluggable authentication, load balancing, etc. Google itself is also transitioning to use it to connect microservices.